The Water Cycle

Pupils worked in groups to make mini water cycles in jars as part of the class topic on water. It has been over a week now and they are coming along nicely. The bird seed sprouted so we have plants in the jars now, which are getting watered daily by the water cycles we created! 🙂

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Sports Day and Achievers Assembly

A reminder that Tuesday is Sports Day and children can come to school with a t-shirt in their house colour to wear for their races. Fingers crossed for great weather!

Tuesday is also the day for our June Achievers Assembly, so if your child has been selected to talk about their achievement, please remind them to bring in any items they wish to show.

Pass-Back Stories

Primary 5 worked in pairs to write Pass-Back Stories! It was a bit like a relay race! We had to write until the teacher told us to “pass back!” then we all had to pass our story to the pair behind us and be given a different story to continue. In the next lesson, we got our original stories back and practised our editing skills by editing our story with a pen to correct mistakes and make improvements.